costume ideas

Ancient / Roman / Greek / Egyptian

Imagine feasting with Vestal virgins among olive trees beneath a hot Tuscan sun, witness gladiators in full combat, command the construction of the pyramids from King Tutankhamen’s royal barge along the Nile….

Medieval / Renaissance

Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Van Eyck, Michelangelo, Leonardo are your contemporaries. It is spring in Antwerp 1486; a Burgundian Prince has declared “ the world is flat ”. English nutritionist Sir Isaac has just witnessed a fig falling from a tree and discovered the gravity of fig newtons. The cost of perfume is sky-rocketing and little three year old Willy Shakespeare cries a lot….

Revolutionary War / Colonial

Civil War / Antebellum

Pioneer / Prairie


Turn of the Century / Victorian

Teens / Titanic

Roaring 20’s / Flapper & Gangster

WWII / 1940’s

1950’s / Sock Hop

1960’s / Beatnik / GoGo / Hippie

1970’s / Disco


1980’s / Punk / New Wave



Super Hero




Female Offensive Adult





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